Social Media Design Service: Enhance brand image with creative publications

Ori Agency’s Social Media Design Service helps enhance your business’s presence on social media platforms. We offer custom designs that meet all your business requirements, making your site more impressive and different from your competitors.

    Social Media design service helps to enhance the image of the brand

    Did you know that the fastest impacting factor for customers is not content or attractive cost figures but eye-catching images and videos? Images with good content, suitable for tastes or humor, the beautiful, bright, and good photo quality will attract buyers, attract curiosity, or interest

    Therefore, in the marketing campaign on social networks, it is very necessary to have a professional design team to quickly attract the audience to interact with the business immediately.

    Ori Agency has a team of highly skilled graphic professionals who will help you create various visually engaging social media content using the most powerful graphics tools available today.

    To learn more about our social media design services, keep reading!

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    The importance of social media design

    1. What is Social Media Design?

    Social Media Design is an activity related to creating visually appealing content for posting on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This activity includes designing profile pictures, cover photos, timeline posts, short video montages,…

    Whatever industry your business is in, using social media platforms to connect with your audience is a good idea. When online users intend to view products (have not decided to buy) will stop at a store with an attractive “facade” design.

    Therefore, to attract users more interested in your brand, you need to pay attention to the design of Social Media – it must be the most beautiful and impressive.

    Moreover, your Social Media design team not only has a solid knowledge of design and related tools but also needs to understand the message and product your business shares to create a synergy — a perfect match between pictures and text.

    2. The importance of social media design

    As a professional advertiser or marketer, Ori insists excellent design is paramount to attracting customers in almost any campaign. Here is a reason to further explain our opinion:

    Brand transmission design

    A communication campaign that aims to increase brand value and awareness or direct customers along a predetermined path toward purchasing a business’s product or service. One of the most important components that make people buy a product or service is the belief in the brand that represents that product or service. Specifically, one brand represents quality and luxury, or comfort and value…

    And, every piece of advertising or media you release – website or social media posts, flyers, advertising campaigns with Google PPC – says something about your brand.

    So, if the social media product isn’t professional enough and aligns with the brand’s core message, it can disappear the brand’s good impression and erase the business’s work. On the contrary, a good communication product speaks to your business’s professionalism, quality, and position in the market.

    Good design improves brand presence

    A quality social media post needs to have enough text and images. The text provides detailed information about the product or service. It may have similar content to your competitors because of the same niche. Meanwhile, the image section helps you visualize the product and the message. We cannot copy the competitors’ design ideas because it shows your brand’s difference and professionalism.

    Therefore, the attractive, clear, and special image makes your ad more impressive to customers on social networks.

    Depending on the campaign’s goals and who you want to target, the design needs to make changes to match. Would a less colorful, minimalist, flashy, glossy design work better for your marketing campaign? Whatever it is, great design helps you talk to potential customers memorably and offers the best chance of getting your campaign noticed.

    Design makes customer change

    For products, the design gives customers a more visual picture of what your business is all about. For example, when buying a pair of shoes, instead of reading the entire product description, shoppers tend to see the product image first, and if they find it beautiful, they will decide to buy it. The problem is how you will edit the photo and how to design the photo layout to make customers feel good.

    As for the message, the design speaks to your brand’s style – which is representative of the business’s products. What emotions do you evoke in the images, colors, and compositions? Does the most important part – the main message – stand out in your design?

    Good design can take care of delivering a great concept and give a campaign the power to drive the process of changing customer perceptions.

    Design strengthens the brand message

    The power of design is that it leaves a question in the customer’s mind and prompts them to find the answer.
    You can visualize this power better by looking at the design of nonprofits. For example, to combat violence against children, the designer will use metaphors such as a baby cowering in the corner of a room. The baby’s particular sitting position may prompt you to find answers and visualize violence’s effects on children.

    So, a handful of carefully selected images can convey a message more effectively than hundreds of words about the same issue.

    What does Ori’s comprehensive social media design service include?

    As one of the leading media design companies in the industry, Ori Comprehensive Social Media Design Services currently includes the following options:

    Social media site design

    In this era of the social media boom, a social media site is an important part of a business’s overall marketing. Users often search for brands on social networks, and a fanpage helps businesses connect more easily with their customers.

    Since your company’s social accounts reflect your brand personality, if your social media accounts don’t match your website’s content and aren’t active, people will think it’s a fake account, don’t interact with you, and don’t want to listen to what you have to say.

    When designing a social media site, we follow the following rules:

    – A color palette that matches the company’s website
    – Apply social media publication design best practices
    – Prioritize images and text layouts that encourage interaction or action

    Besides, you should pin your social accounts on your website so visitors know that they are reaching the right account, and social media icons should be displayed in a conspicuous place on your website.

    Profile design

    Through your social network account, users can quickly know the activity profile of your business. By creating an attractive page with custom header images, icons, and other graphic elements (like custom images in tabs or apps), you’re sure to make a great first impression.

    Ori’s service helps you update your profile whenever you have an event, hire, win a prize or sign a big contract,… by designing custom images, icons, and other graphic elements. As a result, your social media engagement is stable while keeping your company at the forefront of customers’ minds.

    Instagram story design

    58% of users say they are more interested in a brand after viewing its Instagram stories. With our Instagram story designs, we’ll help you create several slides to feature in your story to grab your customers’ attention.

    Cover photo design

    The cover photo is the first thing users will see when accessing your social media page. In Ori’s Social Media design package, we’ll help you design beautiful custom cover photos allowing users to recognize your brand while surfing social media.

    Custom Post Design

    When you want your post to stand out and attract more people’s attention, besides attractive content, you need an impressive design that reflects your brand. Ori’s social media design services can help you do exactly that.

    Our design experts will help you create the right designs for each post, so you can ensure they deliver the highest level of engagement possible.

    Design images on Pinterest

    Want to promote your brand on Pinterest? Our social media design plans are also equipped with engaging custom Pinterest images, allowing you to showcase your brand, products, and services to a pool of potential Pinterest customers.

    Social network gifs

    People love to view, share and comment on their favorite gifs. With our social media product design services, we’ll help you create cool gifs, go viral, and share in your client’s community.

    Design short videos for Reels and TikTok

    Short-form videos are becoming more and more popular. People watch and share their favorite videos on social networking platforms like TikTok. Ori’s design team will also help you create short social media videos up to 30 seconds in length vertically to fit the video sizes of Reels and TikTok.

    Design custom video thumbnails

    Need to design video thumbnails for your YouTube channel? We can do a thumbnail design that indicates the subject of the video and encourages them to watch it. This image will appear when your video is announced to the user.

    Ori’s best method of building a social media design plan

    With the motto that your success is also Ori’s success, every method we build for the marketing plan is customer-centric, and your goal is the yardstick to measure effectiveness.

    How to build a social media design plan is common to this point of view. Our design emphasizes creativity and meticulousness and highlights the brand value of your business. Here are the steps we take to implement social media design services when requested by customers:

    – Research business data (brand personality, target audience) to discover what is unique and different.
    – Bring these interesting elements into the designs and uniform colors and images for the designs throughout the marketing campaign.
    – Upload products
    – Track user feedback using various digital analytics tools
    – Stay up to date with new social trends to ensure increased traffic and engagement with your social media accounts and website
    – Adjust the appropriate image according to each stage of the campaign

    Why should you choose Ori Agency's social media design service?

    Ori Agency was established to become a leading agency in consulting and implementing transformation-oriented total marketing solutions for businesses. In addition, we also focus on helping businesses implement marketing and digital transformation most effectively.

    We offer social media design services as an add-on to our advertising plans or social media management. If you’re ready to hire us to design your media publications, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed because of the following factors:

    About the staff: We have a team of creative designers who are knowledgeable about the most popular design tools. In addition, we also have a team of professional, dedicated digital marketing experts who are always ready to support and give the correct orientation to the design team, ensuring to meet each customer’s requirements.

    About customers: Ori Marketing Agency has cooperated with over 500 customers operating in many different industries with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns. The campaigns that we have implemented not only help to expand the brand image but also show a clear communication effect, which is reflected in the marketing cost of the business that has been optimized by 50%, bringing in big data sources during deployment, the average customer conversion rate is 20%

    About the method: Ori Marketing Agency provides a comprehensive social media design service with a detailed quote. Our design services are meticulously built, including:

    – Custom social media design plan for companies looking to increase their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest,…
    – Professional social media design service with attention to detail that meets your social media profile needs
    – Custom social media profiles, pages, and apps that match your website and brand standards

    If you need a more detailed consultation, please contact us online or at 096 588 8713 to speak with an expert!

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