Google advertising service: The most popular PPC advertising service today

Google is a potential advertising market but equally competitive. However, when you become a partner of Ori Marketing Agency, we will provide you with a comprehensive Google advertising strategy, which will help increase customers’ website visits and drive conversion rates at a reasonable cost.

    Google advertising service packages in Ori

    Ori Agency builds effective Google advertising strategies based on research on consumer behavior and your business characteristics. Check out our Google advertising service packages if you’re ready to invest in growing on the world’s most popular search platform – Google!

    15% of ad spend / month

      Up to 2 networks included

    • Up to 8 advertising campaigns
    • Up to 2 consultations per month


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    12% of ad spend / month
    • Up to 3 networks included
    • Up to 10 advertising campaigns
    • Up to 4 consultations per month


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    4 reasons businesses should advertise on Google

    Currently, Google ads are chosen by many businesses to include in their marketing campaigns for the following 4 reasons:

    1. Show ads to the right people, at the right place, at the right time
    Using Google Ads, easily target your ads with keywords and product promotion options locally or globally by being able to customize your budget, geographic location, language, etc.

    2. Ads appear on multiple Google partner platforms
    When using Google Ads, your products and brands will be advertised on other platforms provided by Google, such as ads on Gmail, Youtube, Google Search, on Google partner websites…

    3. Pay only when someone clicks on the ad
    Only when the customer clicks on the ad that you have to pay, you can completely believe in the effectiveness of the money spent. With precise targeting, Google Adwords Ads helps you to improve order conversion rate and bring high revenue and maximum profit.

    4. Easily measure the effectiveness of the campaign
    You can change your ad copy, add keywords, streamline your budget, or adjust your audience. Google Adwords allows you to set up campaigns in any language or market you want to target. At the same time, Google Ads makes it easy to measure advertising performance (ROI) with Google Analytics.

    If the above four reasons cannot convince you to invest in a Google advertising strategy provided by Ori Agency, please get in touch with us immediately at 0965 888 713 for more detailed advice!

    “Consultancy, planning dedicated, professional, bring good results. The staff is enthusiastic, attentive, and quick. Because we are delighted, we have introduced many partners for Ori during the cooperation period. Thank you, and I wish Ori more and more development.”

    Category Development Associate

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    Ori Google advertising service

    Ori Agency provides a variety of Google advertising services, easily meeting the different requirements of customers. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or increase website traffic, we can do it with the following Google advertising services:

    Google Search

    Search ads on Google Search engine help show your ads when users type keywords-related terms in your content.

    Google Search

    Google Shopping

    Shopping ads on the Google search engine help drive traffic to your website or local store.

    Google Shopping

    Google Display Network

    Ads displayed on products of Google or Google partners help you reach customers when they are surfing their favorite websites, watching YouTube videos, using mobile applications, and so on.

    Google Display Network

    Advertising on Youtube

    Youtube advertising allows you to target customers with keywords or display attractive promotional videos in each video on Youtube.

    Advertising on Youtube

    Advertising on Gmail

    Display ads on Gmail email when users use it and check email.

    Advertising on Gmail

    Advertise on Google Map

    Ads are displayed on Google Maps when users search for information.

    Advertise on Google Map

    The great benefits of using Google advertising services at Ori

    When your company chooses Ori to run advertising campaigns on Google, we guarantee to help you achieve sales and visits to your website or store and help reduce substantial advertising costs.

    With our Google advertising services, your company can take advantage of these 6 benefits:

    1. Reach more potential customers for your business.
    2. Increase visits to your website or store.
    3. Build cost-effective campaigns against the measurable advertising goals you desire.
    4. Optimize your ad spend to maximize return on investment (ROI) and results.
    5. Create brand awareness with potential users in your target market.
    6. Build customer loyalty to expand the system of retailers and promote word-of-mouth advertising and so on.

    Your marketing can become even more powerful when you work with Ori to build the most comprehensive social media advertising strategies!

    Ori provides Google advertising service packages transparently

    In business, Ori believes that transparency is the most important key to building long-term partnerships. That’s also why we create many different social media advertising service packages to suit each client’s specific goals without spending too much. Our social media advertising services can serve anyone from small business owners to large corporations with the most attractive and affordable spending budget!

    Here are some of the service packages we are offering!

    A perfect solution for advertising on Google

    Ori Agency offers a comprehensive advertising strategy on Google. You will not have to worry about any problems related to managing your website or store when working with experienced staff knowledgeable about Google and related support tools.

    The unique advertising method at Ori Agency will be implemented as follows:

    1. Effective strategic planning for each project
    – In-depth research of Business – Competitors – Target customers.
    – Consulting on category strategy, target strategy, and channel strategy
    – Consulting on product optimization and building incentive programs to optimize conversions and increase sales.

    2. Build effective content by in-depth methods:
    – Apply a 3D model to research customer insight
    – Applying the AIDA model to create content according to the customer journey
    – Build quality content, and meet advertising goals

    3. Increase conversion rates through tool insights
    – Apply the right tool for advertising tactics
    – Use tools to increase conversions through the customer funnel
    – Continuously testing, updating new tools, and optimizing results

    4. Diversify advertising forms
    – Choose the most effective forms of advertising to increase conversions
    – Experienced personnel, constantly updating market trends
    – Apply advertising methods and insight methods to properly hit customers’ pain

    Start transforming your business’s Marketing with an engaging and effective Google advertising campaign!

    What makes Google advertising services different in Ori

    Google Ads campaigns at Ori are built with creative content and methods by experienced Google Ads experts to help your business make a difference in the market and increase monthly sales through Impressive stats on the site. Putting the success of our customers first, Ori always wants to bring you the best quality services and experiences:

    1. Understanding customers
    At Ori, any effective marketing activity must come from understanding customers. With experience implementing 100+ multi-industry projects: food, fashion, sports, tourism,… We grasp what customers need, how their behavior is, and from which to build and develop a specific strategy that follows the customer journey. 100% of Ori’s marketing strategies aim to create the best customer experience

    2. Knowledge of tools
    Every platform has an improvement in the digital age, and Google is no exception. Understanding this, the Google Ads experts at Ori must update Google’s algorithm changes in each period and learn more useful tools so businesses don’t face difficulties implementing them. Understanding and using the toolset flexibly will help maximize the strategy’s effectiveness while keeping costs down.

    3. Develop a suitable strategy for each business
    We do not have a one-size-fits-all plan for businesses partnered with Ori. Based on our understanding of customers and tools, we have in-depth research on the current situation of businesses and products from which to build an overall strategy, bringing long-term effectiveness in the implementation process for that particular business.

    4. Team of experts
    We have a team of experts certified in Google Ads and have long-term project experience. We uphold the core values of goal-challenge-proactive-discipline-positive-sharing-creativity throughout the implementation process to satisfy customers in project performance and professional cooperation attitude.

    5. Value-oriented for customers
    We take ROI as the focus to come up with innovative solutions, optimizing advertising performance through relevant metrics, not just clicks. In addition, we will send a report on PPC campaign performance every week with specific solutions proposed and timely changes in implementation strategy to satisfy customers not only on project performance but also on professional cooperation attitude.

    3 tips to choose the best Google advertising company

    Many companies are ready to provide you with effective Google advertising services. However, you don’t have much experience to choose from and can’t be sure if your business is right for the agency.

    Do not worry! We will give you 3 useful tips to help you choose the right agency!

    1. They provide a transparent price list of services

    Providing a price list of services transparently shows the professionalism in an agency’s operation because they don’t want to waste their time as well as the time of potential customers like you.

    When a company announces unclear pricing, it could be that they have hidden costs associated with social media ad management or don’t have a specific pricing system.

    However, when an agency offers transparent pricing, they look into their business seriously. At the same time, informing the price in advance will help you be more proactive about your budget for social advertising services when you partner with an agency.

    2. They never stop innovating

    The market is always changing every second, and every minute requires agencies to update new trends in line with consumer trends. And no company wants to work with an agency always standing still.

    However, your chosen agency must help you make a difference in that current trend. Then the campaigns implemented for your company will stand out from your competitors.

    You can judge an agency by how it presents its position, evidenced by specific guidelines, plans, and feasible ideas softly and skillfully.

    3. Ensure a win-win relationship between the client and the agency

    A professional agency will be experienced, have a strong network of relationships, run jobs quickly and smoothly, save deployment time, and reduce the burden on the company’s human resources. Karma.

    To evaluate the agency’s overall campaign experience, find out what achievements this agency has achieved and what partners you have worked with in the past. The more insights and positive responses you get from this question, the more affirmation of the agency’s products and services.

    Some frequently asked questions about social media advertising services

    These are some common questions customers have about social media advertising services. If you need more detailed advice, please contact us immediately to receive the best support!

    1. What is the advertising service on Google?
    Advertising services on Google provide paid advertising on Google’s Adword search engine and display advertising with Google’s Adsense.

    2. Price of Google advertising service?
    The price of Google advertising service will depend on industry (size and competition), ad position, size of customer file, buying trends, how you manage your account, or the advertiser’s technique.

    By 2023, companies will spend between $9000 and over $30,000 monthly on Google Ads, maintaining an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $1 to $2 for their search ads. Google and less than $1 for Google display ads.

    3. How soon will my ad show on Google?
    Within 4-8 working hours since your company confirms the advertisement. Your ad will appear on Google.

    Become a partner of the best Google advertising service provider

    Ori Marketing Agency can confidently meet your requirements if you are looking for a company that provides professional and effective Google advertising services.

    With a team of experienced and constantly learning staff, we guarantee to build you the most effective social media advertising campaign at a reasonable cost.

    Ori Marketing Agency has cooperated with over 500 clients operating in many different industries with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns. The campaigns we have implemented not only help to expand the brand image but also show a clear communication effect, reflected in the 50% optimization of the marketing cost of the business, bringing in big data sources during deployment, and the average customer conversion rate is 20%.

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