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With SEO audits service, Ori Agency is committed to perfecting and optimizing your Website on all channels. Ori will check and completely fix the errors that your Website is facing.

    In order to have a perfect Website, the Ori team has constantly researched and modified as well as fixed details of the errors that we are facing. Thank you for the enthusiasm and dedication from Ori Agency.

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    The following is the process of our SEO Audit service so that you can know the preparation steps when there is a need to use the service:

    • Receive customer requests.

    • Preliminary analysis of SEO requirements, websites or projects.

    • Provide service proposals and quotations.

    • Sign a cooperation contract.

    • Perform SEO Audit.

    • Acceptance and handover.

    Learn more about SEO audit

    SEO Audit service is one of the professional SEO service packages that Ori Agency provides. SEO Audit is a very necessary and indispensable stage in website SEO projects.

    Ori Agency with more than 10 years of experience in the field of website SEO, we can evaluate and analyze SEO for your website through SEO Audit service. At the same time, when using our services, you will receive advice and orientation with short-term and long-term plans for a strategy to build your brand through search engines.

    1. What is SEO Audit?

    SEO Audit is a standard process that any website must have. Its main purpose is to quickly identify the underlying issues affecting organic search performance.

    What is SEO Audit? Why do you need a Website Audit? An overall website audit helps you to know what your website is having problems with. From there, you can improve the overall SEO performance of the entire website. This helps to increase overall keyword rankings as well as specific SEO pages.
    Or rather, SEO Audit is the process of checking and evaluating the status of a website to see how well it has been optimized. Evaluation is based on many related criteria such as content, onpage, offpage… SEO Audit also means “auditing optimization with search engines”.

    When should SEO Audit?

    You should perform SEO Audit at the following 3 times:

    a. When starting a new project

    In fact, before doing anything, you need to create a specific strategy. As a result, you will set clear and precise strategic goals. And the same goes for websites! Do an SEO Audit before doing anything else.

    b. The first phase of each quarter

    Performing an SEO Audit at the beginning of each quarter will help you understand the previous quarter’s SEO performance. See if the SEO performance of the time of the audit is different from that of the past 3 months. If there is a big difference, then adjust accordingly.

    c. When the website has an abnormal phenomenon

    SEO Audit helps you determine how your website is performing. However, if your website is a small-scale website, you should not abuse SEO Audit. Take the time to do more important work instead of just focusing on statistics.

    Do’s and Don’ts when Auditing Website
    SEO Audit is required! But when doing it, you also need to follow certain rules to avoid wasting time with no results.

    Things to do when implementing Audit Website

    The first and most important thing is that you need to implement a comprehensive SEO Audit. From structural elements to content directly affect the SEO visibility of your website.

    It will provide a big picture of what is happening on your website. If something goes wrong that isn’t showing up in the results, it’s easy to go off track and make incorrect adjustments.

    SEO Audit must be easy to understand! As a business owner, it’s a good idea to piece together the issues to find out how SEO issues are affecting goals or profits. Then come up with solutions to improve the situation and increase revenue again.

    After the audit is complete, you must establish feasible plans, clearly map out a clear route to quickly handle problems. The most important purpose of SEO Audit is to detect the errors that your website is facing and offer a reasonable solution.

    Things not to do when performing SEO Audit

    You do not need to be in a hurry, hurry to perform SEO Audit. You simply need to take the time to find the root cause affecting your website. The audit time depends on the size of the website, usually from 2-6 weeks.

    SEO Audit implementers need to carefully study and consider many aspects to clearly identify the root of the problem. Then make a decision on what changes to make on the website. However, before wanting to make those changes, the SEOer needs to make a detailed report to send to the website owners.

    Tools to support SEO Audit

    Here are the common tools that you can use when performing an SEO Audit:

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Search Console

    • Google PageSpeed Insights

    • Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

    • Ahrefs (7 days trial)

    • Copyscape

    • SERP Simulator

    • Web Page Word Counter

    Not all of the above 8 tools are necessary. Therefore, you can refer to and choose a favorite and most useful tool for your SEO Audit process.

    What to expect during and after the SEO Audit?

    As stated above, it will take you 2-6 weeks to complete the SEO Audit. During that time, you will have to analyze and detect the above errors that your website is facing. However, every 1 or 2 weeks, you need to do a progress report to see what you have accomplished and what more needs to be done.

    In any website audit, you will find a few problems. And every time you detect them, you need to deal with them immediately, this makes it easy to find other errors when continuing the SEO Audit process.

    After completing the audit, you need to make the report. Even present the problems you’ve discovered and the suggested fixes to the website owner. Besides, you will also get an overview of the current website status.

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