Custom video production service from Ori: Attract users with the most professional videos

Video marketing plays an important and indispensable role in online promotion. An impressive video helps customers absorb all the information, deeply remember your brand, and strengthen the credibility of your business. At Ori Agency, we provide many attractive and impressive promotional video production services. Whatever your video production goals, our services can be met reasonably and transparently!

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    $300 / page
    • 500 words / page
    • SEO optimization
    • Up to 45 minutes of research
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    $900 / page
    • Analysis of content 3+ years old
    • 1-3 custom graphics
    • Professional SEO copywriting
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    $900 / page
    • Up to 4 hours of custom formatting
    • Up to 15 stock photos or graphics
    • Up to 3 hours of promotion
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    Video production services

    Video Marketing, in the simplest way, is to reach potential customers with videos, videos that can introduce brands, products, services, or personal brands. The main purpose of Video Marketing is to promote products and sell them.

    Video Marketing is a “weapon” to conquer customers that every business cannot do without. The statistic shows that 45% of users now spend about an hour watching videos on Facebook or Youtube every day. In addition, another study also said that 73% of visitors who watch product videos would decide to buy quickly.

    So don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your company to more users in the information search way that customers love most – watch the video. Please contact us directly or via our phone number – 096 588 8713 – for more detailed advice on your brand’s best video production plan!

    “The way of working, the staff is enthusiastic, deploys work quickly, always follows up effectively, and accompanies the restaurant.
    Always dedicated to the project and customer is shown through the understanding of business items and the restaurant’s operation. Analyze the pros and cons of the restaurant from which to come up with an appropriate development strategy.”

    National Sales Manager

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    What does Ori’s video production service include?

    Currently, Ori Agency offers six effective forms of marketing video production. No matter what your advertising goals are, who your target audience is, or what your track record is, we’ll transform that content from boring text into the most engaging and understandable videos.

    Read more below to understand more about our services!

    Video social media service

    Producing short videos to post on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok…

    User-Interactive Video Service

    Producing digital videos supporting user interaction through gestures, voice, touch, and clicks.

    Live-action explainer video service

    Producing videos featuring professional actors that help viewers visualize the information you’re presenting in a more realistic way.

    Animation explainer video service

    Producing explanatory videos using digital graphics tools and building animated characters to make the content new, creative, and suitable for customers who are children.

    Market product video service

    Producing introductory videos introducing your business, brand, and products directly to your online store to encourage users to buy them.

    Livestream Video Service

    Producing live-streaming videos that allow users and brands to interact simultaneously.

    The process of building the perfect media video production plan.

    Curious about how we create quality marketing videos for our clients?
    We will detail our working method in the section below!

    Customer research using the 3C model

    The 3C model is an effective tool to help marketers better understand the business situation and make more appropriate marketing decisions. This model includes Customer (Customer) – Company (Company) – Competitor (Competitor).

    When analyzing the 3C model, we will know exactly who your customers are. What problems are they facing? The strengths and weaknesses of your business and information about your competitors. From there, we can build effective video production ideas and content that aligns with your brand and highlights your unique points of difference to customers.

    Create content and choose the corresponding channel

    Content creation has never been easy. From the 3C analysis step above, we will help you form an idea for content production. Then, build a script using a style that suits your audience and brand image.

    Finally, choose the posting platform. This is an extremely important step because if you choose the wrong platform, your video will not be able to achieve the viral effect you want. Our social media experts will choose the right distribution channels to publish it based on careful studies of the usage behavior of the target audience. For example, if your main customer group is Gen Z, we’ll focus on promoting videos on social networks that are popular with them, like Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook.

    Find a way to push viral

    Once you’ve uploaded your video to mass media, the next step is finding ways to go viral to ensure your video engages with your audience. Because many people in the market want to convey meaningful messages just like you, out of thousands of look-alike videos, we’ll optimize your video to keep it outstanding.

    In this case, applying SEO will give the best advantage. We will tweak the Title, Description, or Meta as needed. In addition, Ori experts will also add some links to your videos. This helps to increase its rankings on different video platforms.

    Improve your video marketing conversion rate

    Ori does this by placing attractive buttons where needed or embedding forms to collect customer information and donate buttons if you are raising money for charity. Or, more simply, we will create a stimulus to encourage people to share your video in various groups and groups to help it become more popular.

    In addition, editing content that is simple and easy to understand is also an important factor. An extremely complex video is like your client looking at abstract paintings. We focus on building videos close to users’ lives to easily motivate them to buy more products.

    Evaluate your promotional video campaign

    Once you have implemented any communication plan or project, you need to do an evaluation. From there, analyze all the pros and cons to improve the next campaigns.

    To measure the success of video marketing campaigns, we combine building a list of specific evaluation criteria with useful marketing measurement tools to make the most accurate assessments. For example, your video’s view count across all platforms is an easy way to get an overview of your video’s popularity.

    Why should you choose Ori Agency’s media video production service?

    Ori Agency was established to become a leading agency in consulting and implementing transformation-oriented total marketing solutions for businesses. In addition, we also focus on helping businesses implement marketing and digital transformation most effectively.

    We offer video media design services as an add-on to our marketing campaigns. If you are ready to hire us to create professional promotional videos, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed because of the following factors:

    About the staff: We have a team of creative video editors knowledgeable about the most popular editing tools. In addition, we also have a team of professional, dedicated digital marketing experts who are always ready to support and give the correct orientation to this group, ensuring to meet each customer’s requirements.

    About customers: Ori Marketing Agency has cooperated with over 500 customers operating in many different industries with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns. The campaigns that we have implemented not only help to expand the brand image but also show a clear communication effect, which is reflected in the marketing cost of the business that has been optimized by 50%, bringing in big data sources during the implementation process, the average customer conversion rate is 20%.

    About the method: Ori Marketing Agency provides a full-scale video media design service with a detailed price list. Our design service is meticulously elaborated as follows:

    – Provide a methodical implementation process: At Ori Agency, each product and service, each product and service is undergone a professional process from market research and competitors to determining the “insight” of the customer, creating a shooting script, and taking pictures and videos.
    – Always stick to the target customer: To maximize the effectiveness of Video, Ori Agency always tries to be creative, bring a difference in each idea but still ensure the right content, and follow up with potential business customers.
    – Make sure the video shows the core values: Each video best conveys the brand personality, mission, and goals of the business; help increase the conversion rate of customers and create trust with customers.

    Learn more about Ori’s video production services

    Video marketing comes in many different forms. When you search for how to create engaging promotional videos, Google can give you hundreds of suggestions for making different types of videos. And it’s easy to get confused because there are so many choices.

    However, calm down and carefully consider the content you aim to promote products, increase brand awareness and convert consumer behavior. With the same content, there are countless ways to express it. These are the technical factors.

    Instead of categorizing video marketing based on content, Ori Agency categorizes its services based on techniques we can apply to your videos. As a result, your marketing campaign becomes more attractive and prominent because you simply know how to use technology to make your media products the most creative. Even though your video is just an advertisement, the quality is even on par with professionally edited movies!

    Here is additional information about the types of media video design we are offering:

    1. User interaction video

    As we all know, with normal video, you will just press the play button, and the video will run from beginning to end. You can only have options like pause, fast forward, or replay.

    However, interactive video (Interactive Video) offers a completely different experience. This is a video format that allows viewers to navigate in different ways. Viewers can control what they want to see and interact right on the video through a few interactions, such as clicking on the screen. Simply put, instead of watching the video until the end, you have other direct interactions with the video content.

    Here are the 4 main types of interactions that occur in Videos:

    – Interactive Story: Viewers can choose what to watch in the video at their discretion
    – Interactive experience: Viewers interact in the video to arrive at a specific result such as a quiz, scoring test, calculation, or evaluation.
    – Click in the video: Viewers click directly on a specific selection in the video to access relevant content
    – Clickable button: The video uses static and clickable buttons or banners

    Therefore, Interactive Videos help keep users on your pages and add an interesting video element to focus more on the content.

    2. Video explanation

    Explainer videos are short online marketing videos, typically 1-3 minutes long. Through funny and humorous images and engaging and engaging content, explainer videos help promote brands for businesses and convey meaningful messages to users in the fullest way.

    At Ori Agency, you can experience the two most popular types of explainer videos, including Live Action Explainer and Animated Explainer Videos.

    2.1. Live Action Explainer Videos
    Live Action Explainer Videos are this type of video that often use real people to interact with the product.
    The biggest advantage of this type of video is the authenticity and visualization of the human experience character. From there, your product becomes more reliable in the eyes of users.

    When you invest in our Live Action Explainer Videos service, we’ll help you choose the best professional actor that fits your brand and message, write a compelling script to capture the attention of your visitors, shoot a video using the highest production methods and integrate it on your website for maximum effect.

    2.2 Animated Explainer Videos
    Animated Explainer Video is the perfect blend of art and technology with high customization. It uses the movement of graphic characters to express a story or a certain message. Suppose you want to borrow a certain cartoon character to tell about forming a business. In that case, the CGI method is a form of video animation storming the market today.

    Therefore, explainer video animation can be used in most fields and industries. It helps save costs, providing a visual, vivid, and professional look at your brand.

    Here are some common types of video animations:

    * Whiteboard Videos:
    Video captures the process of drawing/writing ideas, concepts, or product/service features on a whiteboard, often speeded up several times to keep up with the voiceover sound. This type of animation has been applied to Twitter’s Explainer Video and helped Twitter get many views.

    * 2D animation videos
    It is a video using only 2D format. It’s like drawing an image on paper, but it must show different product aspects to attract attention.

    * 3D animation videos
    3D video helps to solve the problem of a more realistic rendering of the edges of a product.

    * Motion Graphic Videos
    The essence of this type is that the images (in the static state) are taken consecutively and then processed on a dedicated editing table to form a movie (in the dynamic state).

    * Infographic Videos
    Video Infographic also uses images to present information but in the form of motion graphics or animation. The advantage of a Video Infographic is the attractiveness of images, sounds, and beautiful motion effects that help convey information vividly.

    3. Market product video

    Looking to showcase your one-of-a-kind products and features directly on your e-commerce store? Market product videos are the perfect answer.

    When you partner with Ori Agency, we can help you create product videos that capture your users’ attention — encouraging them to learn more about your unique products and ultimately purchase them. The video formats we make for you will be suitable for posting on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce…
    You don’t need to worry about the size or definition because we have experts in the design field and understand the standards of e-commerce platforms.

    Marketing video advertising support platforms that Ori uses

    There are many digital platforms to help you run effective video ad campaigns. Here are the Top 3 potential platforms that we recommend for you:

    1. Youtube

    Youtube is a familiar platform for any business that wants to do social video marketing. In 2020, the platform was trusted by over 87% of video marketers. Users see the platform as a good way to connect. Also, for sharing ideas and finding exciting new content – just like any other network.

    There are three main types of video ads you can invest in on YouTube: TrueView, Preroll, and Bumpers.

    – TrueView ads are the standard YouTube video ad type. You only pay for ads when a viewer views or interacts with your ad (for example, by clicking a call-to-action button). The length of the video can be from 12 seconds to 6 minutes.
    – Preroll ads are promotional videos that appear before, between, or after the main video. They have a duration of 15-20 seconds
    – Bumpers ads are the shortest of the three popular types of Youtube. Each video takes only 6 seconds and is played before the main video that the viewer has selected.

    2. Facebook

    Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for online video content, second only to YouTube. The social media platform has rolled out new video features like Facebook Stories, Live, and Reels. It allows users to interact with other users uniquely.

    One of the important advantages of businesses using Facebook is that Facebook’s algorithm loves video content, so it will promote posts containing videos more. Therefore, Facebook video advertising is a profitable investment that helps you reach more customers.

    3. Instagram

    Similar to video advertising on the Facebook platform, Instagram ads also allow brands to create “professionalism” with close-up footage of products, focusing on outstanding details.

    This category helps consumers have a more intuitive view of the advertised item, keeping buyers longer than advertising with just one image like the Image Ads above. Note the maximum video length in Instagram ads is up to 60s, unleashing your creativity.

    4. Tiktok

    According to the latest research by Decision Lab, TikTok is gradually catching up with YouTube as the favorite platform to “kill time,” with a popularity of 13%, behind Facebook at 48%, and Youtube at 15%. This allows users to create short videos, which can also be used with special effects.

    In addition to its impressive growth rate, TikTok allows businesses to effectively build brands and increase brand awareness with three main video ad types.

    – TopView Ads: This type of ad is 60 seconds long. They allow the brand to take up the full screen when they open the TikTok app. After 3 seconds, the brand’s call-to-action button will encourage users to learn more about the product.
    – In-feed Ads: This video ad can be up to 60 seconds long. Unlike “Top View” ads, they appear naturally as a regular type of content while users surf TikTok and are easily ignored by users if it is not appealing.
    – Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads: This video ad encourages users to reinvent the influencer’s clip. It could be dancing to a trending dance or a catchy tune. Users can post their videos with the corresponding hashtag to interact with the brand when participating in the hashtag challenge.

    5. LinkedIn

    Another media platform that is quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the video marketing space is LinkedIn. One study revealed that 51% of video marketers used LinkedIn video marketing. And from this number, 84% consider this a successful and useful strategy.

    The form of video view advertising on Linkedin encourages users to share your business’s videos with as many viewers as possible. After the ad is activated, the system will deliver it to the potential users who will most likely watch your video.

    Why are promotional videos important?

    Reach customers quickly
    More than 90% of viewers love accessing visual information through Video, making it easy for businesses to reach and attract customers’ attention.

    Strengthen the brand for the business
    Through Video Marketing, businesses will make customers understand they have a strong and unforgettable impression of the brand.

    Show your business professionalism
    A video with built-in methodical steps, with a clear message and carefully and creatively post-processed, is the basis for businesses to affirm their professionalism.

    Stand out from the competition
    Owning impressive videos gives brands a competitive advantage in today’s saturated environment.

    Videos can be uploaded and used for long, saving business costs.

    Frequently asked questions about promotional videos:

    1. How to know a quality video production company?

    To know a quality and reputable video production company in the market, you can evaluate based on factors such as Production experience, the field of expertise, implemented projects, qualifications of the staff, whether the working process is professional or not, the production cost, etc.
    Today, production units often “public” the above information on their media pages to show the company’s capacity profile. Therefore, you can easily find the above information, but be a smart customer and make sure you have thoroughly researched the manufacturer through many different sources before deciding to cooperate.

    2. How much does a promotional video cost?

    There is no fixed price for a promotional video. Some videos cost only a few million dongs, but there are also promotional videos that cost up to billions. This depends on the quality requirements of the customer.

    Want the best promotional videos for your business?

    With a team of professional staff, many years of experience, and a serious working process, Ori Agency is a reliable choice for quality video media design services. Partner with us to improve your video ad campaign and your bottom line.

    Get a free quote for our video media advertising services by contacting us online or at 0965 888 713!

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