Brand Identity Design Service: An effective tool for conveying messages

Ori Agency provides Brand Identity design services, including many options such as creating logos, slogans, and product packaging designs. We highlight unique features to enhance your brand values and make it special to the market.

    Ori’s Brand Identity design service: The leading brand image-oriented solution for you

    Brand identity is the elements related to logo design, images, colors, icons, and typos of a brand. Customers will easily recognize and distinguish your brand from other brands through the brand identity.

    In addition, brand identity is also an important factor in determining the consistency of the brand and creating a good memory for each customer of the business brand.

    As one of the leading companies in the field of digital marketing, Ori Agency provides a prestigious brand identity design service that not only aims to express the unique personality of your business; but also affects the perception and perception of customers and partners about the professionalism and trust in the products and services that you provide.

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    The importance of brand design

    Currently, there are still many small and medium enterprises that think that their business is not so big that it is necessary to create a brand reputation. The reason is that the leaders are not really confident in the competitiveness of their businesses as well as lack of marketing knowledge, especially a full understanding of the impact of branding on revenue.

    So, how can you convince your boss to invest in marketing campaigns, including brand design services. Here are a few of our suggestions to help you change your boss’s mind!

    1. Design brand identity to help users recognize products/services

    The brand identity system will help customers remember and recognize your brand image. If you can remember your brand identity, customers can distinguish your products from those of other businesses. This is the success of the business.

    Through the brand identity system, businesses will give users the feeling such as: good quality, beautiful designs, professionalism, corporate personality, class, etc. This creates a desire to own the product.

    2. Advantage for marketing strategy

    If a business has a good brand identity system, marketing activities and strategies will be implemented more easily. Marketing uses the brand identity system as a fundamental material, it will be modified to become more unique and easy to get into people’s hearts. When the campaign is successful, users will buy the product proactively and confidently.

    3. Brand value is enhanced thanks to the brand identity system

    When the brand identity system is professionally designed, customers will receive higher understanding and loyalty to the business than other businesses. This determines the long-term cooperation of customers with the business, creating a sustainable value for the business.

    Brand is the biggest asset of a business. Whether success can be achieved depends on building people’s awareness, always reinforcing and creating brand value.

    4. Create pride for employees

    A company with high professionalism will help employees be more confident in communication as well as in the process of working with customers. Moreover, working at such organizations is always a pride for everyone, so working results will also be enhanced. The brand identity system helps employees love the company more, work harder and will also be more loyal to the company.

    The brand identity system not only attracts customers but also attracts new candidates. Well-known companies always have a high number of job applications and have talented staff ready to serve the company.

    5. Brand identity design brings competitive advantage

    Brand identity design is not only for the purpose of creating awareness and difference, but moreover it wants to have a strong impact on the perception, psychology of customers and partners about the professionalism of the brand. The brand identity system is the most powerful persuasion.

    Among similar products, of course, consumers always prefer to choose branded products, they are recognizable, easy to remember, and easy to feel.

    6. Brand identity design helps to save marketing costs

    Through the professionalism of the brand identity system, it will create a strong brand image in the eyes of consumers. This helps businesses partly reduce the cost of advertising to bring products to users.

    7. Show the strength and vision of the business

    Brand identity design helps businesses have great motivation in implementing business plans, achieving ambitions and ambitions. Building a brand identity system from the beginning will help businesses decide the strength in the future.

    In fact, in a competitive market, whoever has more influence and influence in the crowd will win. And to be able to win, every business should have its own professional brand identity system.

    What’s included in an Ori brand design service package?

    As one of the industry’s leading media design firms, we understand better than anyone how important branding is to a business. So in the branding packages that we offer, we guarantee a flawless experience with the following customization options:

    1. Featured colors and Logo design

    Color and logo design are two basic elements and also what make the first impression on the viewer. Usually, when building a brand identity,, a business will only use one main Logo, but sometimes it is also necessary to have alternate versions to use in different cases. So, we will design a full set of logos, including:
    – Main Logo
    – Alternative Color Logos
    – Horizontal Logo
    – Vertical Logo
    – Square Logo
    – Black and white Logo
    – Gray Logo

    2. Office identification system

    The interface and images or any equipment in the corporate office also need to match your logo style. This will help businesses build a consistent brand identity with product colors and target customers and audiences. The office identification system that we provide you includes the following:
    – Business card
    – Letterheads
    – Thank you note
    – Header and footer
    – Email Signature
    – Stamps
    – Quotation / Invoice

    3. Social media

    Social media is used to bring the image and brand identity of the business to customers in a close and natural way. The messages businesses want to convey to the target audience are also through these media.

    Ori accepts the following social media designs:

    – Facebook page cover photo
    – Profile picture on Facebook
    – Instagram profile picture
    – Twitter header photo
    – Profile photo on Twitter
    – Pinterest profile picture
    – Images on Pinterest
    – Google+ cover photo
    – Profile picture on Google+
    – YouTube channel cover photo
    – YouTube profile picture
    – LinkedIn wallpapers
    – LinkedIn profile picture
    – LinkedIn logo
    – Cover photo on LinkedIn
    – LinkedIn banner images

    4. Image content

    The rules will be based on the images you get from photography or different types of designs. Our brand identity kit details how to use, edit, and size images, including:

    – Blog post images
    – Photos on Facebook
    – Pictures on Twitter
    – Photos, and videos on YouTube
    – Pinterest Pin Size
    – Images shared on Google+

    5. Website Graphics

    Website is one of the most typical graphic products for customers to identify your brand. Especially when your business operates online or provides a digital product or service, your customers will check your website before deciding to buy or use the product. Products.

    Ori offers a full set of website brand identities as follows:

    – Sidebar title
    – Sidebar link
    – Banners
    – Avatar image of blog post
    – Pictures of categories
    – Icons on social media

    6. Marketing brand identity kit

    On the social networking platform, every day, every hour, millions of users see your brand image every day. The design follows a unified image and color identity that will make the brand’s message more memorable and recognizable.
    A standard Ori marketing brand identity will include the following:

    – Ebook case
    – Infographics
    – Catalog/Lookbook
    – Brochure
    – Leaflets
    – Capacity Profile
    – Website
    – Commercial video

    7. Packaging

    Professional product packaging design will contribute significantly to the spread of a good brand image and make sales more convenient. When the product packaging design is unique and consistent with the brand identity, it will increase brand credibility and product value.

    In addition, the packaging design will avoid the inadequacies of counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods that are rampant in the market. Ori’s packaging design service will provide you with the following products:

    – Packaging Products
    – Stamp the sticker on the product
    – Warranty
    – User manual

    without identifying your audience your campaign will fall flat

    Ori’s professional brand identity design process

    With years of experience in digital marketing, Ori Agency knows exactly what it takes to successfully build your brand identity. And below is our professional brand identity design process.

    1. Analyze and learn target customers

    Building a brand identity is a way for businesses to make it easy for customers to notice and recognize their brand. However, the impression is not enough. This identity must be associated with the target customers, who are targeted by the business to use their products and services. And to do this, our team of experts will analyze and research your customers to determine who they are, their age, gender, and needs.

    Besides we will also conduct a detailed study of your business to find the characteristics that you want to portray for your brand based on the SWOT model:
    – Strengths: The strength of the business gives an advantage over the competition
    – Weaknesses: Weaknesses that are detrimental to the business
    – Opportunities: Changes and trends in the industry bring opportunities for businesses
    – Threats: Factors in the environment that can negatively impact the business

    2. Build ideas for brand identity

    In this step, after analyzing your target customers, we will give you an idea to design a brand identity with eye-catching colors, unique and impressive images, and short, easy-to-remember slogans to describe and position your brand exactly where you stand in the market. In particular, we will focus on being creative with the brand’s colors and fonts because these elements attract customers and make an impression on viewers. Ori’s standard is that colors and fonts must be consistent and closely connected with your company’s products and services.

    3. Brand identity design

    After you’ve reviewed our unique design ideas, it’s time for everyone to start making these ideas a reality.
    In creating the brand identity, we strictly followed the principles of the design and the initial drafts so that the finished product meets the required standards and does not deviate from the brand spirit.
    At this stage, Ori’s design team will be as creative as possible to create impressive, unique things that only your brand has that no one else on the market has.

    4. Complete and use

    In this final step, Ori will publish the draft of the brand identity for you to unify all business documents.

    5. Brand monitoring to maintain the identity

    As with other aspects of marketing, it will be difficult for a business to stay on track without regularly monitoring performance metrics.
    To monitor your brand, the experts at Ori use Google Analytics, surveys, comments, social media discussions, etc., to understand how people talk and interact about your brand. This will give businesses many opportunities, timely changes, and improved brand recognition.

    Why should you choose Ori Agency's social media design service?

    If the above professional workflow is still not enough for you to decide to cooperate with Ori, we will not give up!

    At Ori Agency, in addition to a transparent, scientific, and professional process, we are also proud of the following:

    About the staff: We have a team of creative designers knowledgeable about the most popular design tools. In addition, we also have a team of professional, dedicated digital marketing experts who are always ready to support and give the correct orientation to the design team, ensuring to meet each customer’s requirements.

    About customers: Ori Marketing Agency has cooperated with over 500 customers operating in many different industries with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns. The campaigns that we have implemented not only help to expand the brand image but also show a clear communication effect, which is reflected in the marketing cost of the business that has been optimized by 50%, bringing in big data sources during deployment, the average customer conversion rate is 20%.

    About benefits for customers: When using Ori Marketing Agency’s Brand Identity Design service, you will receive many special privileges such as:
    – In-depth consulting service on brand identity and how to build a brand identity for professional businesses
    – Helping businesses convey their vision and mission through brand identity design
    – A set of brand identity products that meet aesthetic requirements: Beautiful, unique, and professional. Ensure brand identity and corporate image synchronization.
    – Bringing businesses a new, modern brand image and keeping up with the market demand.

    If you need a more detailed consultation, please contact us online or at 096 588 8713 to speak with an expert!

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