Designing media publications: Impressive “identity set” for businesses

Ori Marketing Agency provides media publication design services with the most creative force and long-term working experience in the Digital Marketing industry. We have full information about the market and grasp the media trends. Therefore, it will provide impressive and quality media publications and ensure effective Marketing and business efficiency.

    Quality media publication design service from Ori

    Not only stopping at website design and creating media products for social network accounts but the campaign to promote products to customers to bring the highest efficiency, businesses also need to consider the following: invest in publications that support direct communication to customers.

    Ori Marketing Agency will help you design the best quality media when you sign up for our media publication design service package.

    We have a team of highly skilled graphic professionals who will help you create standees, backdrops, and posters… that reflect the right style of the brand and a team of experienced digital marketing experts supporting the research and consulting for the creative activities of the designers.

    To learn more about our media design services, keep reading below!

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    The importance of media publications

    When going out, you see many banners, posters… hanging on the roadside, or leaflets distributed to customers. You will sometimes be given brochures or brochures about products or services when you go to an event.

    Why should the media do this? Don’t they already have a website system and thousands of digital advertising services to help them promote their brand? Continue reading the next section. You will get the best answer to convince your boss!

    1. What are media publications?

    Media publications are useful for advertising activities, promoting products, services, and events, building brand image in front of the public, creating familiar perceptions that help maintain customer trust, approaching customers naturally and closely, and enhancing the company’s brand value.

    2. Reasons to use publications in advertising

    In business, all kinds of media publications are necessary for each business to bring its brand closer to consumers. Here are some reasons to use print media in advertising:

    Publications that help realize creative ideas in marketing, such as packaging, flyers, and labels, will help people know the company’s information and brand as quickly as possible.

    – Create perfect marketing strategies, thereby helping businesses better reach customers.

    – Various media publications help the company make an impression on customers based on professional design and eye-catching print quality. Thanks to that, the brand gradually gained a position in the market and created consumer trust.

    – By creating beautiful and delicate images, the product can go deeper into the customer’s mind most easily.

    – The production cost of the publication is quite low, and it is easy to develop and implement ideas. However, it still has the same widespread form of advertising on television, Facebook ads, Google ads, and so on.

    Using media publications is essential for an offline advertising campaign to expand and spread the product, service, company, or business. Therefore, using it reasonably and bringing the highest efficiency is a concern to media companies.

    What does Ori’s media design service include?

    As one of the industry’s leading digital marketing service providers, a media design plan is an integral part of our comprehensive marketing campaign. Ori’s media design service currently includes the following options:

    1. Design print media publications

    Before digital advertising was born, media publications were extremely popular and a must-have element in a business’s advertising campaign. Today, although its top position is no longer what it used to be, many companies still choose to use this type of publication. Because it proves the professionalism of the brand as well as shows your interest in customers because you do not always look up information about the product immediately.

    Print media publications include many types, such as posters, panels, billboards, and leaflets.
    After the design is completed, it will be printed, constructed, and installed in the event area to propagate that event or activity or handed out to customers with flyers.

    1.1 Poster

    If your marketing campaign is large, then poster design is essential to help your message create great coverage and spread widely to potential customers.

    The poster is like a work of art. Ori Agency will help you design it elaborately with unique, creative images, sharp, attractive words that call to action, and outstanding colors, attracting the viewer’s eyes as soon as they pass by.

    1.2 Catalog

    The catalog is one of the important advertising publications for businesses. It is a weapon and an effective marketing tool with full content to introduce the company and describe products, services, and representative images.

    Beautiful catalog design will help attract customers to learn about products and services to buy. Your partners will rely on catalogs to identify brands, analyze products, and compare products to decide on cooperation. This is one of the indispensable media publications of a company or business.

    Ori will design the catalog for your company based on our careful research of your business to ensure it matches the style you are pursuing.

    1.3 Leaflet

    Flyer printing, also known as flyer printing, is a necessary activity of production and business enterprises to introduce products, services, promotions, and media.

    Designing a flyer does not require a large investment like printing a poster or catalog, but that is not why we are indifferent to its production. When it’s the right time for a Marketing campaign, we will advise you to print the flyer and take care of its design to promptly convey information to customers.

    1.4 Brochure – portfolio

    Brochure, a small stapler book, or a 2-fold, 3-fold sheet containing content to introduce, market products, and brands to target customers.

    Along with the purpose of advertising, you can choose to print brochures in large quantities to reach customers for products and services. When using our service, Ori ensures you will have beautiful Brochures.

    1.5 Vouchers

    Vouchers, coupons, and gift certificates will help your customers to own packages of products and services at preferential prices.

    Designing and printing vouchers to give to customers instead of thanking them for trusting in using the product helps you create coverage and spread widely in communication campaigns and brand promotion.

    We offer various Voucher designs to help you create the best customer appreciation activities.

    1.6 Backdrops:
    Ori will help you design a beautiful and luxurious stage backdrop to place in the event’s center, beautifying the space and communicating to guests, especially the press.

    1.7 Banners
    We will use specialized software to create an attractive billboard to build a reasonable, easy-to-see layout highlighting your information.

    2. Online media publications

    With the current trend, most activities have online communication channels to increase the propaganda effect, so using impressive online publications to promote is also very effective. The types of online media publications are also quite diverse such as websites, video marketing logos, catalogs, brochures, and vouchers.

    Our team of experts also helps you design online media publications that can hold information longer and are subject to constant change.without identifying your audience your campaign will fall flat

    Ori’s method of designing compelling media publications

    Because we aspire to be the leading agency in total marketing solutions for businesses, effectively supporting or replacing the in-house marketing department of businesses in every service we provide to you. Your interests are always put first by Ori.

    Design services for media publications are no exception. We have a comprehensive 6-step methodology based on customer wishes and market trends.

    1. Clearly define the needs of your readers – your customers

    Ori Agency always tries to create highlights for your business’s media publications, such as design colors, unique layouts, etc.
    But no matter how creative we are, we are always awake to consider what is included in the purpose of the publication. Who are their subjects? The answers to these two questions govern our flyer design and are our strategic content priority.

    Ori will select the most important and necessary information to include in the publication, avoiding the introduction of rambling or misleading content with the readers’ wishes. Because this will make the publication, although beautifully designed, ineffective for promoting and selling your product.

    2. Cover content must be attractive

    It can be said that the cover page is the most important part that determines the success of a flyer, brochure, or design product. Our team will research the benefits customers most want to receive to express it with words and images or create unique slogans and images so that the viewer must be curious and want to learn more about the inner pages of the folded leaflet.

    3. Describing products/services skillfully in media publications

    To convince customers through this indirect selling tool, we will list the product features in the publication. The product’s promises must hit the right wishes and overcome the customer’s worries about that product.

    4. Provide useful information to customers

    The value of a media publication is whether it brings useful information that makes readers want to store and share information with many others. Depending on the specific product, Ori provides the appropriate information: not only knowing about the product but also the information needs to be exclusive and carefully researched to bring quality information to the readers.

    5. Organize and present content scientifically

    Ori’s design experts do not “cram” too much content and images that confuse people not knowing what to focus on. Sometimes the “blanks” around the headlines or images will make your flyer design stand out and perfect in its way.

    6. Call to action: Call to action

    After giving complete and attractive content about the product, customers will continue to wonder whether to buy this product or not.

    Therefore, when writing media publications, we offer calls to action, discounts, and incentives to encourage buying behavior.

    Why should you choose Ori's media design service?

    If you’re ready to hire us to design your media publications, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed because of the following factors:

    About the staff: We have a team of creative designers knowledgeable about the most popular design tools. In addition, we also have a team of professional, dedicated digital marketing experts who are always ready to support and give the correct orientation to the design team, ensuring to meet each customer’s requirements.

    About customers: Ori Marketing Agency has cooperated with over 500 customers operating in many different industries with over 1000 successful advertising campaigns. The campaigns that we have implemented not only help to expand the brand image but also show a clear communication effect, which is reflected in the marketing cost of the business that has been optimized by 50%, bringing in big data sources during the implementation process, the average customer conversion rate is 20%.

    About the method: Ori Marketing Agency provides a comprehensive media publication design service with a detailed price list. Our design services are meticulously built, including:
    – Detailed customer and market research
    – Report the design process regularly and help you customize at any time
    – Ensure that the core values of the brand are expressed
    – Contact a reputable printing partner

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